Strategy. Communication. Training.


Looking for a different message?




Mezzage represents a different message. Slightly different, slightly sharper.

After all it's an art to inspire your customer.

And that's all it requires. My name is Harm-Jan Riksen.



2 hours - Board room session with an experienced strategist.



45 minutes - Keynote speech by an inspiring speaker.



1 day - Maintenance to keep your marketing department running well.




Unique comprehension of your business, your customers and their customers.

Critical view, even towards anything that you are sure of.

Creativity in developing new concepts.

Arguments for every step that costs money.

Marketing ≠ advertising

Marketing is reflecting upon what to deliver to potential customers tomorrow..

Training ≠ course

Training is establishing change in behaviour.

Strategy ≠ blah blah

Strategy is making the right choices based upon arguments.

Communication ≠ logo type

Communication is what your target audience perceives with all of their senses.

Where will your

company be in 3 years?


Many entrepreneurs are so tied up with daily business that they can’t anticipate three weeks ahead years? Appointments, e-mails, madhouse. But that wasn’t the reason to become an entrepreneur from the start, was it?

All successful companies have one thing in common: They provide something that the customer is prepared to pay for.

The question now is: What is the customer prepared to pay for in 3 years and how much will that be?

We will find the answer to that together.




"Talking to you just helped me to make a decision."

"I do not know anyone who combines that sense of detail with such a helicopterview."

"If you need a quote, you may call me."

"You always raise those difficult but relevant questions."

"You suggested four companies. All four of them matched. "




Here one usuallly could subscribe to a newsletter. But Mezzage has no newsletter, because you probably wouldn't read it. Mezzage just wants to be found. And that just happened.



strategie. communicatie. training.


Meer dan 20 jaar ervaring. Specialist in internationale bedrijvenmarketing van technische producten.



"Marketing gaat over toegevoegde waarde. Bedrijven die via call centres koude acquisitie plegen, of via krasloten mailadressen lospeuteren, voegen echter niets toe. Hun 'marketing' is een schande voor de beroepsgroep."



Harm-Jan Riksen

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